Monday, April 19, 2010


The tighter you hold,
the faster it slips.

Friday, April 09, 2010


This is a scene recreated in memory of a home scene. Duh, nostalgia! We had, back at home, a hen who never used to come back to its shelter. Instead, a nearby rubber tree was her favourite hang out. Artsomniac used to wonder how the hen could sleep on top of a tree!!

Here, the lovely wooden toys were gifts 
artsomniac bought for her lovely niece in chennai, but eventually forgot to pack in her hurry. Sigh sigh! such a lousy aunt! The base of the tree is a bottle, to get the bottle in this form, buy jute thread and braid them and wind them on the bottle. Mix red thread for special effects. In artsomniac's case, she ran out of jute, so used the red to cover up. It turned out well. Art by accident. Ha! Twig is any twig. But find a nice shape. There, country scene from Kerala. Excuse the gentle man meditating under the tree. Artsomniac is quite fond of him, and by now you have understood that he is her favourite prop which she puts in all possible frames :-) The sneak preview of the mural buddha is her unfinished work! Ignore that till the next century when she finish it!