Friday, October 30, 2009

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime"

"The old dreams were good dreams; they didn't work out, but glad I had them."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

sruthi- ek niranjan day

sruthi= bubbly girl

that was the day when artsomniac started listening to the telugu song 'ek niranjan' from the yet to be released prabhas starrer. the song is already a hit. she is loving the song. to see the song video, go here

thought for the night

Every friend is a potential Stranger.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

non nice days

it ain't funny when all these things happen together.
1. you have respiratory tract infection and you cough incessantly.
2. you live inside a pile of dust.
3. you have bad bad body aches.
4. the tablets you take puts you to trance like moods.
5. mood swings.
6. you miss your dearest one big time.(complements the rest and viceversa)
7. you wake up late one morning to realize that the ceiling next door is being broken down with concrete driller.
8. you are broke.
9. you have a lot of work to do. have blisters inside your mouth due to heavy dose antibiotics.
11. you are hungry.
12. you are broke. (worth the repetition)
13. you are mad. (mandatory point after all the abovestated points)
14. the aforesaid you happens to be the artsomniac.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

kaminey strokes

kaminey, the shahid-priyanka starrer vishal bharadwaj flick was screened on campus today...and this was one of the posters.

so, what is more special about this poster? well.. good question; the answer is quite simple! Artsomniac made it!!!

the movie was nice,by the way.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I heart oshos

From the very first time artsomniac has heard about this guy osho, she wasn't much interested in him;excluding his jokes. she still thinks that they are awesomely funny. But, today she feels that she should write more about her oshos, the velvet flip flops with straw sole, named after osho rajneesh in whose ashram it was first made. she has two of them, one fuchsia pink and one classic black, both medusa got for her from mumbai, some six months back for 50 rs each and both are still in good shape. she walks, run, jumps around in those, but they are really really durable and extremely comfortable. The most important part is, since the straps are velvet, they wont give you a shoe bite ever. artsomniac is loving it. Want to get more shades of it, for example, the blue I have got in the picture above and may be a purple. It must be nice to have a tint of purple on your feet. Artsomniac sound like a foot fetish, but purple sounds nice. should ask The madhatter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

weekend updated

Sadly enough, after artsomniac had decided to blog more often about life in general in this ‘emergency exit’ of hers, she wasn’t free to sit, relax and have an exit for all those words cluttered inside her head. Now that both MJ and her appan are in a getting better zone, she thinks she should sit down and type out a little somethings. The best thing which has happened to her recently is this wonderful weight loss, which is also a sign that she also is getting better.
Bullet points seem to a better idea ever since she did this first full time job of hers in a godforsaken corporate education institute. Things happened after coming back to EFLU last Friday in bullets.

•Got her chapter plans approved by the supervisor.

•Ate a lot of Bengali and non Bengali sweets from her supervisor’s; artsomniac was nearly pukish by the end of the eating ceremony.

•Started reading again.

•Had a wonderful time with Annie, Sheela and Emy.

•Celebrated Diwali in an extremely rotten mood; Artsomniac sat in sheela’s room, watched cinema paradiso. The karoke singers were horrid, she wanted to kill herself listening to the loud karoke. The dandia was ok, or so were the reports.

•Watched Madagascar escape to Africa the 6th time and laughed her ass off the 6th time too. She somehow loved the giraffe-hippo couple and she does know why.

•Had a bad night of migraine attack;was not able to eat the awesome food sheela ordered from kimfung.

•Celebrated Sheela’s birthday. Looking forward for hers in which she will hit the quarter..oh the whole situation of having to be a mature responsible adult is freaking her out!!!

•Ma nagging over the phone, as usual, that it’s high time she settle down.

•Gave her new kurtha material for stiching in the new tailoring shop Anoo’s in Tarnaka which sheela has given a testimonial for. If they ruin it, she has plans to kill them for some not so obvious reasons.

That’s all she has got to say in bullets. She did watch Mayaravan by Shobhana which was ok with the plot and awesome with the choreography. That’s all folks.