Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer Goddess Pajamas

Since they deported Hussain, there was a vacancy to paint goddesses, naked, semi- naked or clothed.

Hence, Artsomniac's  urgency to rush to the Art Scene.

Summer Special release:   Super Loose Goddess Painted Pajamas. 

Hand Painted Parvathi and Ganesha.

Black Fabric Paint on White Cotton Cloth. 

Pajamas : Cheapest Canvas.

fabric paint:  cheapest acrylic.

Wear your art, walk around, don't book a gallery, save some money. 

Join the 'broke artist's cloth club'. 

Monday, March 08, 2010


It was just a bad looking page
when I was flipping through the queen.
T'was no fun, to be no fun.

Love was prawns in the thoran.*

Tales of smirks, grins, bitterness,
detest, passion,
longing, haunting,
palm reading in marine drive,
loneliness, hostel corridor,

All I remember now is my pink mosquito net.
My nights, acidic dreams,
I was followed, gagged, raped and murdered.
For everyone who left me there to be me,
I want to puke.

*thoran: a variety of vegetable curry seasoned with coconut, small onions, curry leaves and coconut oil. In memory of Anju Jude who made 'fort-cochin accented' thorans sprinkled with prawns and scents of the sea for the home deprived hostel inmate friend. 

Yet another Kitchen Goddess here.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

bottle murmurs

Once upon a time, in the corner of my room, a juice bottle was telling stories to the badam milk bottle. The rocks overheard it and told it to the lampshade. Lampshade to the bulb, and the bulb to the light and the light to the dark...and it passed on.

random objects from life

Annie's nameboard

White correction ink on black chart paper


Fingers, Tempera and Black Chart paper. 
Dated some time in 2009

Friday, March 05, 2010

Singara Chennai: Hues from the beach

Please don't be a health freak, the fish was fresh, the breeze was cool.

Girl on the beach, Sravanthi, the fish lover!

Ever tried writing "kadalamma kalli" in the beach?

Being a girl with little sea, jealous of them...

Fortune Teller

Fancy being Bharathiyaar for a day? 

For an eye which loves colours, chennai is a paradise!!!

Leaves of Love Table Top Calender

The leaves of love calender was made in January, but posting it now. It is made out of ordinary A4 size paper handpainted and cut into smaller size. Calender and pictures of leaves are handpainted. The calender sheets are then mounted on a cardboard piece, folded so as to work as a table top calender. Instead of the spiral binding, wool is used to keep them together which adds on to the handmade effect. 
The calender now rests on a different table :-)

My study table

There is no better way to tell someone that you want to be there every single day. Handcrafted with love!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dragonfly days

Artsomniac went to take the picture of the dragonfly she did for annie as part of an earlier glass painting/bottle painting madness series. Annie at first refused to take her picture, but let her take the picture of the bottle. Sad, artsomniac has not met even one dragon fly since she landed in the Software Heaven. Mallu land had lots of them.

Anni has tabla in her room, you see! Ustad Annie Hussain!!!!

tree of life, experiments on a pepe tee

It's been really long since Artsomniac posted something. This is something she did for Vidya, who calls herself the '200% girl'. Vidya had asked artsomniac to do something on her pink pepe tee, which was a challenge since she had no clue what to do on a pink tee...I mean pink, such a stereotype sorority colour! Her effort was to break the stereotype and she gave her a slightly modified warli tree of life. Looks like the 200% girl is happy. Artsomniac had her share of chocolate. 

The warli paintings generally comes in brown and white hues. Pink was a pleasant change. 

The little doggie who watches the village. 

And here comes the drummer whose beat is the pulse of the village.... I liked how he bends according to the curve of the pepe jeans script. Artsomniac managed to find the exact colour for the drummer. I think the pepe company should hire Artsomniac for their Indian Version of tees...ho ho!!! 
Fabric paint on teeshirt.