Wednesday, December 23, 2009

plan sabotage

It was such a fine day, artsomniac studied for a while, played with her pics and MJ's pics on befunky for fun, again studied, made a little christmas tree with friends and thought all the time about other christmases in other lifetimes. But after the Home minister made his vague, unsettled comments about the Telengana issue, the world next to her changed into a warfront again. Now there is curfew, bandh, what not. She was not too sentimental about losing a celebrated christmas, but for the exciting plans of cooking beef! ay ay!

Certain things happen without prior notice and it changes your life like you have never thought of before. No, artsomniac is not going to write praises for beef once again. But generally, she loves this unexpectedness of life. All nice things in her life, including MJ has happened unexpectedly.And that's the beauty of it.

She thinks after coming to EFLU, she has transformed herself to an incessant optimist. Let's see what will happen for christmas... Let's see what life has to offer which can outdo my passion for beef!!! Did artsomniac sound like a glutton just now?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

There was fab tomato soup in the hostel mess today!

So, there was this meeting with the mess secretaries regarding the bad quality of the food some days back, after which the food quality changed drastically and dramatically. It is kind of AWESOME these days compared to the regular mess'y' standards. For example, we had tasty tasty brinjal sabji yesterday. Artsomniac never thought she would relish something like Brinjal of all vegetables like that. It was wipe-the-plate-with-the-last-bit-of-roti-good. she even has the recipe of it and she is sure going to try it out when she is back to her kitchen. Today it was tomato soup. Some more stuff which were absolutely fabulous this month...

* badam milk for breakfast
* fish head curry along with the regular fry
* ladies finger without too much oil and the natural goo!
* mashed potatoes
* soya chunks acting as chicken in chicken masala
* payasam
* plain dal with just the basic seasoning
* gulab jamun with icecream

Can't believe that these days artsomniac is looking forward for the mess food!!!!***
Is she living a pretty, gastronomic dream?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

shared conditions of life

the lover told me, once upon a time,
that all that is solid melts into air.
he meant a lot.
i thought a lot.
so far, so good.

soon, i know, he will tell me,
all that is holy is profaned.
and at last we will be compelled to face with sober senses,
our real conditions of life.
looking forward to it...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

thought for the night

a big street is like every other big street.