Saturday, November 21, 2009

very pretty, very creative nidhi

Nidhi is artsomniac's neice, her lovely lovely kid fashionista...
she was visiting them in their hyderabad home after the HCU comparative studies workshop (the details of which will be updated as soon as she gets some pics from shyma and sree).
She spent a wonderful two days chez nidhi and she can't really remember the number of things they did. The most fascinating things were Jewellery making(nidhi wore the ear rings and bracelet they made out of beads for her friend's birthday), Painting butterflies in nidhi's scrap book, Braiding her hair with colourful beads in the afro style and most importantly, eating the nice food aleena chechy made for them...Nidhi is one of the most flexible person she has ever met in her life..gosh! nidhi has the perfect dancer's body and a very expressive face.Artsomniac loves you kiddo!

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Chitra said...

..i couldnt find any contact details in your malayalam poetry i thought i will write here..your poems are simply beautiful..great work!!