Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A blue night

He walked slowly; his legs swayed suggesting a drunken gait. Sloppy is all one can call him with his random guffaws bordered with a stubborn sense of pride. A moment he is talking to himself and the next moment he is talking to a lamp post. The way he looks deep into the soul of it, you can say that they are having a deep conversation. That was when he met the street dog, interrupting his conversation with the lamp post and tugging his trouser edge.  The dog had an unassuming shade of blue to his eyes. He said to the dog, “You awe wery pwetty, my dear”. Then he held the dog in his arms and wrapped his tie around the dog’s neck. “Where do you live, Big Guy?” The dog squealed in negation, and he assumed that the dog was homeless. “Let’s Go”, he told the dog and they walked to a far faraway place. This was the day when he quit his job on a whim. 


crumbs said...

soon! very very soon! (hums wishfully)

hidingfromme said...

One needs a job to quit