Friday, May 22, 2009

The very bad sheep

While thinking about Religious Fundamentalism in India, one would always think about either Hindu Fundamentalists or Muslim Fundamentalists. Christians, in popular understandings were considered to be always the good lot, portrayed mostly in "White", and always associated with good things like Educational Institutions, Hospitals and the like. But these days, when I closely watch the Christian Spirituality Hysterias in You tube, I feel that there are even worse Fanatics and Fundamentalists in Christianity. Wait a minute, was that guy's name Jesus who was talking something long back about being a good Samaritan? And was that the same guy who said something like "'Love your neighbor as yourself." May be I should go back to my scriptures and see whether he has added a clause at the end which went unnoticed by me. Something like, " Love your neighbor as yourself...only when he baptizes himself as a Christian."

You can watch this link as a comedy video as well, but the character in the post is not fictitious. He is a 100% original Pastor from Kerala. Look how dangerous his depictions are. All those who cannot understand Malayalam can read the translation of his words below.

"...An Indian is the one who has light inside him. Now let us look at our national flag. On the top, we can see Saffron, bottom Green, and in the middle, White. What is this saffron? It denotes braveness and courage. Which means the saffron guys can beat, stamp or murder people. But the green is a different thing. It denotes the prosperity of our Indian Nation. Which means, the guys in green are the ones who have lots of money with them. But the white in the middle,you know, is us! Halleluiah! Have you all understood? I am praising the lord for all those who have understood this. I am praising the lord to bring White right in the Middle. Glory to the lord who has brought white to the middle of the National Flag. Its not over. Do you know the Chakra? Ashoka Chakra? The symbol of power? It is on White! God did not give it neither to Green nor to White. God gave it only to White! Glory!!! Do you want to hear more? It is called A-shoka Chakra. Shokam means Sadness/Suffering. A-Shokam means your suffering will end. So if you want your suffering to end, you should come to White. Even if you are Green or Saffron, if you want your sufferings to end, you should come to White. Halleluiah!!! I am praising the lord for those who have understood this thing... Tonight you should come to White, which means you should come to Jesus Christ. Without coming to Jesus, you wont get the Light! Praise the lord!! Amen!!!"

Who on earth found Religions? It was such a bad idea!


medusa said...

and this preacher actually has followers?

...karthika... said...

ohhh... unbelievable!!!!!