Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What is common between Mutton curry and CPI-M?

The same variety of one Mutton Curry and CPI-M are found both in Kerala and Bengal:-)

It was artsomniac's day out to visit her doc, so Aswathy and artsomniac left around 10:30. they waited for an hour eventhough she has an appointment fixed at 11:30. Both of them had stuff to read, so they sat down and started reading. aswathy was reading "Sundarikalum Sundaranmarum" and artsomniac was interrupting her whenever she found really cheeky remarks in K P Nirmalkumar's writeup about M T in a very old Mathrubhumi Weekly mag.
they had already decided on the way to have food from the 'Hyderabad Bangali Samiti' on their way back. That plan was excecuted. And, all she has to say now is "Wow". they had ordered normal Veg thali meals and mutton curry. The mutton curry simply took her home, to Kerala. It was almost like the mutton curry her Ma makes. So she found out one more thing which is found in common in Kerala and Bengal, other than CPI-M.
By the end came Rasagulla,which was not at all like the Haldirams Rasagulla which at times make her feel like chewing sweet rubber sheet. Yea, Rubber sheet soaked in acid is still a strong memory from her childhood, and the machine which is used to transform chunks of crystallised rubber to thin rubber sheets which is then dried and smoked and then sold. Apparently, that machine is the first machine artsomniac encountered which gives patterned impressions on a surface. It was long before she learned to paint on clothes using patterned blocks. What she wanted to say is that, the Rasagulla was really really great and did not give strange connections with rubber sheet. artsomniac loves Bengali food now(but not that veg curry which had a weird taste).

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