Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unlimited morons

Sunday, artsomniac was as good as possible with her internet service provider. Mr Garu is a real jerk, she knows. Stories about Mr Garu is quite popular in campus. People shouting at him and switching to another upcoming service provider, cable B, is quite a common sight. What Mr Garu does for those bad sheep who goes away from his fold is, he secretly cuts the B connection cables to your room. You will realize it soon that the highly efficient new internet service is not working because of Mr Garu's wrath. The new service group is really good,it seems, as the believers testify. It charges you fifty rupee less than Mr. Garu's connection, it has a sophisticated way of working which includes sms notifications to your mobile about new services, offers and stuff, it offers kaspersky antivirus(paid one, not available for free download) absolutely free for the users. Garu on the other hand does not give a damn for you as a customer and he gives you viruses to your laptop free of cost. He thinks that he still is the feudal lord in the internet sphere on campus.

Artsomniac was going around, asking her unfortunate garu subscriber neighbors whether they too have a problem with the internet. Alas, no! She does not have company this time. From one room, a visitor Alice who was a prior customer of Garu declared: "I don't understand why you people still stick to this guy. The new service is really good. I think all of you should switch to this and chuck this Garu out of campus"

Well,artsomniac thought, "right now I dont have the deposit money required for a new connection. May be I should try him once more." And finally Mr Garu answered her call and said he will send somebody soon but that soon never happened in say three and a half days time. she was almost finishing the project she was working on, and she needed a lot of browsing now and this happened. Oh, artsomniac does not want to be the one who begs around asking permission to use internet. And when you fix your pendrive to another person's laptop, you really can hear what is in their mind. "Oh, please no viruses" because you have them aplenty with Garu's connection.

As the most calm and happy-go-lucky (Which means, If artsomniac is happy, you are lucky) person on campus who does not really pick up fights with people, she decided to wait and keep calling Mr Garu. By the second day, he stopped picking her calls, and she was there, sitting like fool, and calling and calling hoping that he must be away, he will come back, he will pick the phone, he will send the guy, she will get my connection back..nada!

The same thing happened on the third day too and rtsomniac does not know which nasty brain typed out this message from her phone to his. However, it goes like this."Mr Garu, I just want to disconnect my internet. Please do not come and meet me for money. You are supposed to give me back my initial deposit. On second thoughts, I think you should keep the change since I do not like to encourage any sort of communication ever with you. Thank you for the wonderful services." And then, there is no news from him.

artsomniac has decided to switch to cable B once she is done with formatting her laptop out of the viruses she has acquired so far. she never thought that she could send such a sophisticated nastiness as an sms. Artsomniac generally is a 'nice' person,you know. he he...

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