Thursday, July 23, 2009

i am alive post

So this gap in posting implies a lot of things. A lot of things have changed in artsomniac's life. One of the most important and exciting thing is that she finished her course works. She got her brand new cable B connection and it is really faster and nicer. She went home and came back, ate a lot of fish this time, she thinks she is turning herself into a fishiterian. That is astrologically sensible for a piscean to do. She went to CMS again, in a heavy hearted monsoon mood with Ria and Renu(Both were in the Spivak workshop, artsomniac just wandering). CMS, the long corridors, the rainy sky and old classrooms brought a heavy mood for a while, but it did not stay for long as she feared it would. Another major change happened is her new routine in life. The 5 kms power walking in the morning(the breeze against your face is much much nicer than the warmth of your blanket), the fully charged 5 hours in the library(it is not at all boring now, unlike the coursework days), the lately revived fiction reading habit(artsomniac is reading Life is Elsewhere-Kundera), the reduced amount of surfing(she did it,finally), the high cut on junk food from sagar(maggi and chips are strict no no's), reduced amounts of caffeine related elements in her blood system(tea is brain food you know)... for the word change, these are too much I guess. She is sort of gaining back her systematic self. If artsomniac can pin the nomadic self she acquired in EFLU with the older, boringly systematic self, life can be so much fun. The ultimate aim is to grow old as a healthier, happier woman.

This year is going to be crucial. Started thinking about work is a good sign she thinks. Eventually, she might as well figure out what she wants to do with her thesis,PhD options and other demons.

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