Saturday, October 24, 2009

I heart oshos

From the very first time artsomniac has heard about this guy osho, she wasn't much interested in him;excluding his jokes. she still thinks that they are awesomely funny. But, today she feels that she should write more about her oshos, the velvet flip flops with straw sole, named after osho rajneesh in whose ashram it was first made. she has two of them, one fuchsia pink and one classic black, both medusa got for her from mumbai, some six months back for 50 rs each and both are still in good shape. she walks, run, jumps around in those, but they are really really durable and extremely comfortable. The most important part is, since the straps are velvet, they wont give you a shoe bite ever. artsomniac is loving it. Want to get more shades of it, for example, the blue I have got in the picture above and may be a purple. It must be nice to have a tint of purple on your feet. Artsomniac sound like a foot fetish, but purple sounds nice. should ask The madhatter.

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