Wednesday, October 28, 2009

non nice days

it ain't funny when all these things happen together.
1. you have respiratory tract infection and you cough incessantly.
2. you live inside a pile of dust.
3. you have bad bad body aches.
4. the tablets you take puts you to trance like moods.
5. mood swings.
6. you miss your dearest one big time.(complements the rest and viceversa)
7. you wake up late one morning to realize that the ceiling next door is being broken down with concrete driller.
8. you are broke.
9. you have a lot of work to do. have blisters inside your mouth due to heavy dose antibiotics.
11. you are hungry.
12. you are broke. (worth the repetition)
13. you are mad. (mandatory point after all the abovestated points)
14. the aforesaid you happens to be the artsomniac.

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