Wednesday, December 23, 2009

plan sabotage

It was such a fine day, artsomniac studied for a while, played with her pics and MJ's pics on befunky for fun, again studied, made a little christmas tree with friends and thought all the time about other christmases in other lifetimes. But after the Home minister made his vague, unsettled comments about the Telengana issue, the world next to her changed into a warfront again. Now there is curfew, bandh, what not. She was not too sentimental about losing a celebrated christmas, but for the exciting plans of cooking beef! ay ay!

Certain things happen without prior notice and it changes your life like you have never thought of before. No, artsomniac is not going to write praises for beef once again. But generally, she loves this unexpectedness of life. All nice things in her life, including MJ has happened unexpectedly.And that's the beauty of it.

She thinks after coming to EFLU, she has transformed herself to an incessant optimist. Let's see what will happen for christmas... Let's see what life has to offer which can outdo my passion for beef!!! Did artsomniac sound like a glutton just now?


asmita said...

Well you had the awesome meal for Christmas! Not thought of. Quite unexpected. But no harm being the optimist I would say!

prabha said...

now i know what can outdo my passion for beef....pork pork and more pork!!! thanks elika and the naga christian fellowship for the wonderful christmas dinner!!!