Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer Goddess Pajamas

Since they deported Hussain, there was a vacancy to paint goddesses, naked, semi- naked or clothed.

Hence, Artsomniac's  urgency to rush to the Art Scene.

Summer Special release:   Super Loose Goddess Painted Pajamas. 

Hand Painted Parvathi and Ganesha.

Black Fabric Paint on White Cotton Cloth. 

Pajamas : Cheapest Canvas.

fabric paint:  cheapest acrylic.

Wear your art, walk around, don't book a gallery, save some money. 

Join the 'broke artist's cloth club'. 


poocha^-.-^ said...

nice work...
though i must say, i'm quite offended by the idea of wearing a bagavati and that too around your legs. Sheer guttural reaction...punk sucks!!!

Anamika said...

I knew it when i saw the pyjamas that it had to be you designed!

prabha said...

@poocha, thanks dear, but on a ten point scale, which is more offensive? wearing a bhagavati or wearing it around my legs?

@ Anamika, :-) Pon and Zi seems sweeter.

medusa said...

why r u standing next to a fire extinguisher? is the "art" too hot to handle? or the association with hussain?
kidding, of course!
a few more close ups would have been nice.

m0#@n said...