Thursday, March 04, 2010

tree of life, experiments on a pepe tee

It's been really long since Artsomniac posted something. This is something she did for Vidya, who calls herself the '200% girl'. Vidya had asked artsomniac to do something on her pink pepe tee, which was a challenge since she had no clue what to do on a pink tee...I mean pink, such a stereotype sorority colour! Her effort was to break the stereotype and she gave her a slightly modified warli tree of life. Looks like the 200% girl is happy. Artsomniac had her share of chocolate. 

The warli paintings generally comes in brown and white hues. Pink was a pleasant change. 

The little doggie who watches the village. 

And here comes the drummer whose beat is the pulse of the village.... I liked how he bends according to the curve of the pepe jeans script. Artsomniac managed to find the exact colour for the drummer. I think the pepe company should hire Artsomniac for their Indian Version of tees...ho ho!!! 
Fabric paint on teeshirt. 


Amropali said...

i lowwwwe the drummer by the brand name.

srapri said...

i love what you did what the tee :) can you please, please, please make one for me?? when you have the time and inclination :)

ANNIE said...

Oye, why did u posted my pic yaar,i told u not to post it na. Anyway i like the pics,i know that im a gud tabla player,and thanks for giving me a new name...its been so long since any one has named me,ha,ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANNIE said...

I like the dog aka lion in ur pic, it reminds me of my dog,micheal.Oh how i miss him,he usually sits in this position.Thanks for reminding me of him,even if he is no more,u made me feel he is near me...Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!