Friday, January 18, 2013

Life exhibits

My life in bits and pieces here.

1. The paper pattern I made for Daniel's new knickers.
2. Old blue salwar cloth from which I am re-cycling his knickers.  
3. Trusted old orange handled scissors, I stole them from my grand-father way back in the early 90's.
4. Seminar issue, a symposium on Kerala in transition, because Kerala in transition is fun to read about, ha!
5. Spring Flowers, Spring Frost, Ismail Kadare, translation work in progress for D.C.
6. My notebook with the kadare translation, almost done, phew!
7. Grimm's Fairy Tales, we read before we sleep. 
8. Trusted old worn out Oxford English Dictionary, close companion and translation partner since 2002.
9. Flipkart bookmark I love. Your bum has fallen asleep on the toliet seat.
10. Knitted woolen socks, because its chilly here. 

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