Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some promises I intend to keep

                                The New Year was a month ago. That is the customary time frame when one starts ones resolutions. One month from the new year is when one starts to waver. My year is going to start from now, in a big way. The stay at Kerala with Daniel and relaxing while the rest of the world also take care of him, that phase is fast getting over. We will be on our own, Amma, Appa and Son mode very very soon and I am already packing my bags with excitement. It is surely going to be challenging, there are these million little things we do and to keep doing all that with the baby, well, let's see how it goes.
                        I have my translation projects, one almost finished and two already committed ones, my freelance editing  projects, the baby website I write content for, the lesson plan project, my teensy tiny little crafts, the research I really really wish to do and add the baby. Well, Mr D has been the charming little sweetheart till now. Let us see, let us see. The other parent is also busy this year, busier than ever with his classes, research plans and other admin duties entitled on him. So sigh, lets see lets see.

        In the light of it all, I have a plan A.

  1. Be more disciplined. (seriously now!) 
  2.  Stick to deadlines religiously. 
  3. Craft regularly. 
  4. Blog often. 
  5. Paint, buy non-toxic for D. 
  6. Eat Healthy. Cook Healthy.
  7. Dress up everyday. (Now this is important, I have been dressed in my sleep clothes for a long time that I miss dressing up for a day job. Now that I have decided to work from home on little little projects till D is a little older to go to a play school, I don't want to look messed up 24/7. Besides it is fun to dress up.)

Plan B is of course to cuddle with them father and son and laugh at all my high hopes gone brrrrrrsk! Oh Well!

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