Sunday, January 03, 2010

in a knitting spree!!!

So artsomniac is knitting...knitting...knitting...The newest form of art which she started learning! Now artsomniac is part time apprentice learner to Madhatter whose blog link is given by the end of this post....all the rest of the time when artsomniac is not working on the thesis with the big T, she is knitting.... In short, life now is like read read read think type knit knit think read sleep knit talk knit sleep. Artsomniac is knitting for MJ, knitting for dad, also is thinking about knitting for herself... According to the levels of my master Ms Mad hatter, I am doing the easiest, basic level, the woolen muffler; two at a time. But the master's progress report says nice things about us apprentices!! yuppeee!!!

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