Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The coffee table post

So the coffee table is the new addition to artsomniac's room. That came as part of the christmas cleaning. This simple coffee table is made out of cardboard cartons artsomniac found lying around in the hostel environs. Recycle- Reuse being the life motto of artsomniac, a coffee table got materialized in one of those off moods. It took a day to do all the finishing work, but was fun doing this.

The room looks nicer with a coffee table kind of structure in the middle! This is my boho-den!

The brown packing plaster on the black chart paper surface gives it an old film box effect... The woolen thread came from a muffler which artsomniac ripped for ria...

And the best part is, the two cartons on top of each other is giving artsomniac a lot of storage space... The wardrobe looks neater and well organized with all the kurtas and formal clothes ironed folded and stacked whereas the trash, the unordered mess of 50 rs - 100 rs tees, pajamas and every scrap of clothing which does not need ironing or special care is dumped into these two cartons... artsomniac's wardrobe looks more sophisticated!!!!

A final picture of the coffee table!

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