Wednesday, January 06, 2010

flying bottle

One great idea from Artsomniac to people who are looking for dirt cheap home decor. This is a simple green wine bottle and the side feather of a peacock combined together... A series of green bottles in different patterns can be a wonderful theme way to decorate empty spaces in a thematic yet cheap way!

Artsomniac found this feather in the Osmania University campus during one of her morning walks... Artsomniac is waiting for more green bottles in her aqua home where she can keep all the peacock feathers of the past. MJ, are you listening? Take the hint! he he!!!


Eli Boo! said...

Yes, totally! From trash to treasure! :D

srapri said...

am totally envious of your art related skills, love the way you can transform a mundane object into art :) do post more pics, the mermaid bottle for one.

prabha said...

sure! the mermaid bottle post will come soon... :-)