Monday, January 25, 2010

purple wave shrug/muff

I have been working on this purple wave shrug/muff for the last two days. Today, it is complete. This muff can be doubled as a shrug as well; a weird shrug for that matter. Pretty, anyways.
Raw materials: 1) The wool material is leftover blanket piece after ria made a shawl from it. 2) purple buttons: general bazaar, button shop, rs 4 each. 3) purple wool, hobby shop, general bazaar.
Method: Ripped both sides of the cloth to get the effect. Did the design in running stitch, the wave design came as a free hand one; placed buttons in 10 different places.
Elika, my knit master was happy to model for me. Thanks eliboo!

The shrug/muff

The details

The button hole.

The single side shrug style.

the muff wrap style

the double side shrug style

The regular muff style


Eli Boo! said...

Excellante! Hmm...I think I modelled okay :)

prabha said...

thanks eli, i am thankful for the muff wrap style idea...and the name clue 'wave' :-)

Matangi Mawley said...